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this hostage stuff is fun

...speaking of italy and sports cars that i stole there...

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i remember nothing of being human

In 1901, Mary Alice Brandon was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. In 1920, Mary Alice Brandon apparently died and was buried. In truth, the nineteen year old was taken to a mental asylum, after she screamed that she knew her father had killed her mother, that she had seen it, and that she had seen him having her killed as well. Months later, the young woman did die, later waking up alone, scared and...well, dead. The ability to see the subjective future had stayed with her and she wandered the world as Alice, not knowing what had happened to her as a human.

She remembered nothing

She foresaw a vampire finding her (long before he knew he was searching) and one day, in a diner in Philadelphia, she met her future-husband, Jasper Whitlock.

"You kept me waiting a long time," She said to him. He ducked his head and said "Sorry, ma'am."

Together they found the Cullens in the 1950s and have been living with them ever since, as the adopted children of Esme and Carlisle.

Alice can see the subjective future, meaning once the decision is made, she knows what's happening. Otherwise, every possibility spins out in front of her until you make the decision. So far it only seems to work on humans, and vampires, as she can't get a read on werewolves and half-breeds. So, 90% of Milliways' stranger denizens, you are safe from having your palm read. She is the bubbliest vampire you'll ever meet and also she sparkles in the sun. She belongs to SMeyer, but is mine in my heart through and through. Mun is reachable at wiresgoingin on AIM & prixetoile on snapchat. Yeah. Snapchat me. Alice approved~
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