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They were headed towards Canada. Or they were supposed to be. Instead, they were sitting on the edge of a lake in the middle of rural Indiana.

Mosquitoes and cicadas hummed in the evening air as a soft breeze ruffled their hair, as they sat, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, on the bank.

Alice wiggled her toes in the water, humming softly, just enjoying this. This moment with Jasper.


Oct. 13th, 2015 04:31 pm
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Edward's not the only one who can play a piano in this household. He was just more likely to be the only one, before Alice arrived.

And if she's honest, she's only playing because he's out. It feels heavy between them still, she doesn't want to break the tenuous truce between them and ruin any chance of her (known) future happening with him.

Her fingers dance over the keys, playing an idle tune.
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There's no reason for Alice to be here, realistically. She'd been in Boston a mere 5 hours ago, but a vision had her running to Chicago like her life depended on it.

Her future, really.

There was something wrong here. She knew that her one-day-brother was going through a bit of a rebellion, but everything always ended up fine when she pressed for the future. But something...something had changed, and it was here, in this grimy movie theatre off the main street.

There he is. Tall, handsome, coppery hair hidden under a hat as he walks in, hands shoved in his pockets. She slides between two taller men, so he won't see her.

"I haven't thought this through." She mutters to herself as she steps lightly toward concessions to buy a prop popcorn. "What if he hears me, or, oh God, what am I doing here?"

But she knows she has to be, because this is where the future goes dark. He goes dark.

The Cullens go dark and she won't let that happen. Not on her watch.

a ficlet

Oct. 12th, 2015 06:20 pm
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They'd had a renewing of their vows -- or, to Forks, it was their actual wedding. Jasper had sighed and given in and let Alice plan an extravagant party -- one she hadn't actually gotten to have the first time around.

The ceremony, though, that was largely the same. Just her and Jasper and their family as witnesses and a simple yellow dress that closely resembled the one she wore the day she actually married him. Baby's breath flowers woven into her hair, her smile was blindingly bright as she once again promised herself to Jasper Whitlock all over again.

It was the after-party that would have the town talking for ages. Not since Bella and Edward's wedding had there been so much...extravagance. Maybe not since the infamous prom party even.

Alice popped up at Edward's side, grasping his elbow and beaming. Dance with me. Her big, golden eyes blinked up at him as he tried to pretend he wouldn't -- even though they both knew he would, as he could see the vision of them twirling around the dance floor in her head. Dance with me.

He looked away and took her hand before twirling her around and bending down so he could press his forehead against hers. Her smile was heartbreakingly sweet. He loved her so much and...he never said it. Didn't ever have to...

But he should tell her. He should tell her every day, maybe as much as Jasper says it, because, as he hefted his (tiny, she's so tiny, how did they never lose her?) sister in his arms so he wasn't bent in half anymore (but now her feet were dangling above the dance floor as they swayed for a moment), because without her, Edward would be lost.

In so many ways that he couldn't even begin to count. But he couldn't get the words out either.

Alice dug her finger into his side til he dropped her back on the floor. Standing on her tiptoes, she cupped his face in her (tiny) hands and says "Shh," She soothed, even though he hasn't said a word. "I love you too, Edward."

She jumped up to give him a kiss on the cheek before twirling away to find her husband, leaving Edward standing in the middle of the dance floor with his hand on his cheek.

Love you too, Alice
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It's a bad day.

It's one where she can't get out of her own head and she can't remember and she's hurt herself trying to. Edward and Jasper went hunting.

They won't go together anymore after this time. Because of her. She wants them to get along (it took them so long to do so) but now they won't leave her alone after they come back.

She needs them, they'll say. She can't be left alone when she's like this. It's...


Alice stretches out on the floor of her bedroom, fingers curling into the carpet as she grasps at memories like a kitten grasping for string. Everything feels wrong.
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It's not easy.

She thought it would be easier but it isn't. She should have seen this...but it was so easy to get caught up in the dream, in the visions she saw of after. She never really thought about the gritty now.

Her fingers trail along the fence outside as she wanders the yard. Jasper is inside, dutifully helping Esme with something. He likes her...she is good for him. It is good she exists because she makes her husband calm inside and out.

She stops and watches Edward as he stands, in the grass, on this cloudy day in Toronto, looking out over the land that stretches before them. He should fit into her life and into her heart like a missing puzzle piece...

...but she's realizing now that the puzzle piece doesn't quite fit right. There is an extra edge that hasn't been sanded down yet. It's the invisible barrier between them, and it's the one that's breaking her slowly.

Can I ask you something? is thought at him, carefully.
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Alice watches Edward and Bella climb into the car with Rosalie and Emmett and for a long, lingering moment, she wishes it were her and Jasper in that car. Her husband hasn't let go of her hand since she stepped up to him in the airport and she's thankful for that because now...

Now, as she stands in front of Carlisle's car, she's nauseous like she's never been before, except maybe that one time she tried to eat a piece of cake and instantly regretted it. Everything she said to Carlisle before leaving comes flooding back and she takes an involuntary step backward.

She wants to be anywhere but here. She's scared.
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Tensions had been building since the family had congregated in Alaska. It wasn't on purpose, everyone on the outside seemed fine. Maybe they were fine.

Except Alice. She felt this angry coiling in her back and stomach and even though she tried to keep it pushed down it didn't work. Jasper sent her furtive glances often, trying to weed out the problem, but the problem was...

well, she didn't know what the problem was.

And then she just snaps. She's folding clothes to keep her hands busy when she comes across some goddamn ascot of Carlisle's and she just...sort of loses it. Alice stomped up the stairs to find Carlisle and threw the ascot at him when she reached him.

"You have got to stop buying these." Any joking tone that would normally accompany this sentence was gone, leaving only cold annoyance.
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you could still check in every so often you
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They've been in France for four days now. Four days where it took them a lot of coaxing to get Kate to interact, to try to get her to not be as spacey as she was being now.

It hurt Alice to see her friend like this (and some moments, when she lost sight of herself, Jasper's fleeting plan of revenge sounded so very perfect to her). To see Kate wander around under a crocheted blanket made by some neighbor or other, for the previous homeowners, glancing at things with passing admiration.

Like she couldn't or wouldn't concentrate long enough to enjoy it. To enjoy anything. She wouldn't talk about what happened -- of course, Jasper and Alice had refrained from asking for now. It seemed too soon to press her for information.

She seemed too fragile.

But now, as Alice watched Kate sit in the middle of the wildflower field they had for a back yard, through the kitchen window, she knew they couldn't wait much longer. "We need to talk to her."

She glances up at her husband, setting down the cup she had been vaguely washing. He was standing next to her, leaning against the counter in linen pants and a light shirt, perfect for summer months in France. She wiped her hands on the floral dress she wore before winding her arms around his waist. "You should talk to her first though."
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"You need to come with me." Alice says as she breezes into Edward's room without even a knock. She knows. He knows she knows. She knows he knows she knows...there's no need for knocking between them.

"I need to go shopping for Prom. It's so soon. And Jazz is busy. Come on, you're not doing anything right?"
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The plane ride to France is familiar and comforting. Two seats in first class, red-eye flight, some movie playing in front of them, but it's not even paid attention to. Alice's bouncing excitement is enough to entertain Jasper for the entire ride.

They arrive at some God-awful hour (for humans) and rent a car out of the airport. The ride to the house is long and winding, but Alice rolls down the window and lets the wind toustle her hair as she breathes in the scent that is...the French countryside. She loves it here. She needs it here.

Her hand slips over to the side to grip her husband's as they pull up the drive to their house. It's just now dawn and overcast, but there is a worker standing there in front of the house already.

He steps up as Alice and Jasper exit the car and nods to both of them. "Bonjour, Madame Whitlock, ├ža vas?"

Alice squeezes Jasper's hand and looks out over the house, grinning, before taking a deep breath and answering the man. "Bonjour. Je suis...parfait." She turns to her husband. "Can we go inside now? I need to see it."
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In their room, in Washington, Alice sits up as Jasper reads. She watches him for a long moment before turning her head away.

"Do you want to see the tape, Jazz?"
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Alice hovers outside of the bedroom Carlisle and Esme share, pushing her fingers through her hair and twisting the edges around the digits.

She knocks before she opens the door, knowing they know she's already there, but giving them the semblance of privacy anyway.

"Can we talk? Please."
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Alice thrusts the video camera at her brother, her fingers shaking. "Don't get angry at the way he treats Bella in it. He's been taken care of, so there's no use in seething about it."

A beat.

"I need you to tell me what you think about what he says. About me."
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The video camera is loose in her hands as she sits in the corner of the waiting room of the hospital. She's numb from head to toe and in retrospect it's lucky she does not need to breathe because at this moment, she cannot.

She glances up, at the sound of voices in the hall. She can hear her family with Bella, talking to her in the room down the hall. Alice slipped out for just a moment, she promised. It hadn't taken her long to watch the video.

To watch James taunt Bella. To watch him recount another hunt he'd done. To hear him lay out her entire death -- not Bella's, but Alice's. He'd hunted her, tried to feed on her. He was the reason she'd woken up alone.

He'd killed the only person who had tried to help her when she was a human.

"She didn't even seem to notice the pain, poor little creature.
She'd been stuck in that black hole of a cell for so long.
A hundred years earlier and she would have been burned at the stake for her visions.
In the nineteen-twenties it was the asylum and the shock treatments."

The words ran like a mantra though her head, over and over again, nonstop, constant. A cell, an asylum, shock treatments. It made sense why she couldn't remember her human life---

It hurt more than she had ever known.

It was like someone was ripping something out of her -- as if all the pain she hadn't felt when she had been changed was coming now, hard and fast.

She stands quickly, one hand clenched, the other careful not to crush the camera. She sets it down in the chair she vacates and steps lightly out to the hallway and down it as fast as she can while still appearing human. She's hyperventilating needlessly and she knows Edward and Jasper can see--feel--what's happening to her and she just be out of here now.

There's a bench under the shade of a tree and she blindly finds it, sits in it, curls her arms around her legs. Gives in to emotion.

It just...hurts.
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and if you have a minute,
why don't we talk about it somewhere only we know?

Alice wasn't quite sure if she made the decision or if he did. Or if the vague visions of a future playing out before both of their eyes made the final decision for them. Maybe they had no choice but to accept this as their future. It went against everything Alice knew of her visions.

But, she decided, grinning quietly. She didn't mind.

She hovers outside his room, knowing he knows she's there, but waiting for some sign it's okay for her to come in. They're still testing the boundaries of their relationship, Alice growing bolder and bolder every day...

Today's conversation begs a little restraint though.
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Alice Whitlock had not missed a single Kentucky Derby since waking up in 1920, and not even a search across the country for the Cullens would make her miss this year's. She had excellent odds on last year's winner and she wasn't about to waste them.

"I have a box," She murmurs to Jasper as she sets her oversized hat on her head and smooths the blue dress she wears, fluffing the crinoline. "With the du Ponts this year."

She slides her little white gloves on and smiles at him. "They're old money. From the Civil War. They like that I win. I sat with them last year too. Just...they'll love you. Good ol' Southern boy and all."

It's an overcast rainy day...not perfect conditions for those attending and participating, but perfect for certain vampires.

"Plus," She whispers as they begin climbing the stairs to the box, her betting information clutched tightly in her fist, "Once the race starts, no one pays attention to anything. You'll be fine."


Nov. 21st, 2009 07:39 pm
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He's big...hulking and twice the size of her. His hand grips her arm like a vice and she stops breathing instinctively. She has to get away, she knows this.

Alice ducks, twists away from him, wrenches her arm away and shoves at him, trying to move as quick as she can. Jasper is busy with his own group of vampires, methodically killing each of them. She's on her own for this one; a situation Jasper is going to hate himself for. It's not his fault, she knows she'll have to tell him this.

It's crazy that she's thinking of this, she realizes, as the guard comes after her again. Her life is in danger (which is ironic...using the word life in a city of the dead) and as she ducks around the guard again, her vision goes black and then--

edward carlisle sea of blood red so many people she's screaming at edward to hurry up to get carlisle out of there oh god--

Pain jolts her out of the vision and she stares in awe at her arm, which stings and burns and it's like nothing she can remember feeling before. Pain is such a human condition and it's something lost to Alice. She hisses as she watches the cracked skin around a half-moon bite start to heal, leaving only the gleaming white of venom pulsing below her skin.

She jerks her head up to stare at the guard, shock still evident on her face. It feels like this searching for the will to move lasts for hours, but in reality, it's seconds and she doesn't even get the chance to kill the guard herself. Jasper steps swiftly between them, disposes of the hulking vampire and then twists to grab his wife's arm.

"Alice," He hisses, his fingers tracing over the mark.

She's still staring at it with a mixture of awe and revulsion. "It...hurts."

There's something in Jasper's eyes that shows he understands exactly why this is important to her...but it's quickly masked by the anger of her getting hurt in the first place. "Never wanted you to--"

"Too late." Her voice trembles as she glances over her shoulder. "We need to go. We need to go now."

They run.

Later, when they've returned home from the harrowing escapades in Volterra, Alice sits on Carlisle's desk as he looks the bite mark over. "I," he mutters, his voice dark. "Am going to throw Edward out a window."

"I think Jasper's first in line. It's not Edward's fault. I just...I should have paid better attention or--" She winces as Carlisle pushes down on the mark lightly.

"No. Not your fault at all. This will be tender for a while."


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